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Pat & Mike, just Koogin' it

Pat & Mike, just Koogin’ it

Koog Bar started out as an idea, and turned into something much bigger.

Eating real food seems so easy, yet it’s hard to do when you are constantly on the go. Eating real food takes preparation, and preparation takes time. Time is something we all wish we had more of. This is where the idea bloomed.

What if we could create a real food protein bar, that tasted great and had a great macronutrient profile, we would be stoked.

After tinkering for months on the right amount of ingredients, we had something we really enjoyed eating and the Koog Bar was conceived. Initially, we just made batches for ourselves and family. But later our friends began to ask us to make batches to sell to them. They encouraged us to make the Koog Bar available for everyone to buy.

We wouldn’t be here today without the love and support of our family & friends. They have been our best supporters, and our greatest asset.

We aren’t trying to overtake the protein bar industry. We want to provide a great tasting, good for you, nutritionally dense real food protein bar we are proud of.