Pierre-Luc Gagnon

Professional Skateboarder


Pierre-Luc Gagnon is one of the best vert skaters in history, as his 20 X Games medals attests. He most recently won X games gold at the 1025 games in Austin. His prowess on the ramp can be partially attributed to his “control freak” attitude and strong work ethic. He owns 8 X Games gold and perhaps the best board control of any skater in the field. He’s one of the world’s most technical riders, and he combines those skills with good amplitude. PLG was slowed by injured hip muscles in 2014 but remains in great shape, thanks to an active boxing and core workout program. The 35-year old is a new parent with longtime girlfriend Denise: son, Leo, was born in August 2014.

  • PLG owns 20 X Games medals across four disciplines including Vert Doubles, Vert, Vert Best Trick and Big Air. He earned the first three-peat in X Games SKB Vert from 2008 to 2010 and tallied 16 X Games competition starts between 2004 and 2012, claiming 14 medals in the process.