We wanted to create a real food protein bar that we would eat every day. Initially it was just an idea to help us stay busy in the stream of life. After we developed the first batch that tastes the way it does now, we were hooked.

We soon found that our friends and family really liked the way Koog Bars tasted, too. Our mission is to provide our customers with a real food protein bar that works. The macronutrient profile will give you enough energy to keep going when you need to. No need to worry about a sugar crash an hour later. The one thing you don’t need to worry about is what’s in our bars.

We aim to create a whole line of real food protein bars that are free from artificial sweeteners, fillers, or preservatives. With our mission, we have some rules that we try to live by.

Koog Rules:

  • Eat real food with no junk or fillers
  • Be nice to people and smile often
  • Try out new activities or sports
  • Take pride in who you are
  • Help others